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Aloha! If you’re new to using an express car wash, also known as drive-through car wash, don’t worry! This guide will explain everything you can expect to experience while using one. Using Maui Express Car Wash in Kahului is easy! Are you just looking for directions? Find us here!


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What is an Express Car Wash

An Express Car Wash is a specialized car wash designed for you to drive through and have your vehicle cleaned in under 3 minutes. Your car is driven onto a track, which carries your car slowly through an automated series of water sprays, wheel blasts, rinses, cloth washes, and more. Maui Express Car Wash includes powerful vacuums as part of your purchase, near the wash, for you to clean the interior of your car.

You can also purchase amenities to clean your interior, which are kept near the vacuums! Amenities such as…

  • Air Fresheners
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Interior Wipes
  • Window Cleaner
  • Tire Shine


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How to Pay

First select the nearest and most convenient car wash to you. Maui Express Car Wash is centrally located in Kahului Maui, 5 minutes from the airport! When you drive up to the wash, follow the lines, drive into the entrance and stop at the kiosk, where a friendly employee will take your payment and help you select which quality of wash you would like. If you’re not sure, park and ask an employee for instructions. Next, follow the staff’s prompts to guide your car into the wash tunnel. Make sure all your windows are rolled up!


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During the Wash

After you’ve paid it’s time to clean that car! Make sure you don’t have any loose items in your truck bed, that your windows are up, and just to be safe, remove your car’s antennae. Next, you’ll be directed onto the rails, an automated conveyer track that allows you to sit back while your car is carried through the wash! Once you’re on the rails, follow the staff’s prompts to put your car into neutral, then it’s time to kick back and enjoy the car wash. There’s no need to touch the wheel, the track will guide your vehicle through the wash automatically!


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What if Something Happens?

If for any reason you’re concerned, the car wash halts, or your vehicle somehow hops the track, just honk your horn and an employee will come to assist you immediately. Your smooth car wash experience is our top priority!


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How do I Remove Bird Poo From my Car?

Noticing that dried bird poop made it through the car wash can be frustrating, but with a little knowledge and a small amount of maintenance, this can be easily taken care of! First, a little science; bird poo is actually acidic and quite harsh on your vehicle, and the droppings harden quickly. If a car wash was strong enough to remove hardened bird droppings, it would also scratch the clear coat of your car—a scary thought! Which is why no express car wash will scrub hard enough to remove the excrement, they’re designed to gently lift away dirt and debris, because the condition of your paint job is our priority! Here’s the trick: To get rid of hardened bird poo on your car, prime it before a wash with a spray bottle containing a quart of water, and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes, then the doodoo will wash away with a hose or during your car wash, leaving you with a nice clean car!


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In short, using an express car wash is no sweat. You just pay, park the car in neutral on the rails, and wait 3 minutes or less for a clean car! It’s a cheap and easy solution for washing your vehicle. I hope this guide helped demystify express car washes for you! Come visit us sometime at Maui Express Car Wash in Kahului. We also have an automated air station right by our entrance, and here’s how to refill your tires. Mahalo for reading, and aloha, a hui hou!


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