A Beginner’s Guide to Tire Pressure: How to Check and Fill Your Car Tires

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How to use the Free Air Pump at Maui Oil Company

Aloha Maui! Proper maintenance of your car’s tires is very important for safety, and directly affects factors such as gas mileage and handling. Tire PSI is a key component of tire care, and today I’ll give you a brief tutorial on how to go about it. This tutorial is primarily for vehicles such as sedans and small trucks. If you have a large vehicle, or are carrying a heavy load, speak to a professional. When in doubt, check your car manual for instructions, or your tire manufacturer.


Check Your PSI

A good time to check your tires is when you fill up on gas. Maui Oil Company fuel station provides free air and water. Pull up near the free air station, turn off your vehicle and activate the emergency brake. Select the closest tire and remove the valve stem cap. The cap doesn’t keep the air in, but it does keep the valve from getting dirty, so put it in a safe spot. Look at your tire, it should tell you the maximum PSI it can hold (PSI stands for Pounds Per Square Inch, and it measures the air pressure within your tire). Inflating to maximum worsens handling, smoothness of the ride, reduces tire life, and increases your chance of a blowout. Conversely, leaving your tires underinflated can negatively impact your gas mileage, and cause uneven wear on your tires.


Inflating Your Tires

Check your manual or the tire manufacturer for the ideal PSI. If you’re driving a sedan and don’t have these resources, then 27 to 32 PSI is a safe bet. Use an air pressure gauge (Maui Oil air station comes equipped with one built in) to measure the PSI, and periodically pause inflation to measure it. Don’t over-inflate or you risk injury from a blowout. Don’t forget to return the cap to the valve stem!


All Done

After your tires are inflated, now’s a good time do a little extra maintenance. Perform a visual inspection to look for any issues such as bulges (which can lead to a blowout), as well as wear on your treads. If your car’s tires are getting bald it’s a safety risk and time to replace them. Check with a professional if you’re unsure. Do you have anything you’d like to add? Feel free to drop us a line on our contact page. If you’d like assistance in person, stop by during office hours at our location in Kahului, across from the Mercedes dealer,┬áMonday through Friday, 7am-4:30pm. Mahalo for reading, and aloha!


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