Celebrating 40 Years of Maui Oil Company

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We’re very excited to begin our 40th year of distributing fuels and lubricants in the Pacific, from the Hawaiian islands to Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands!

Maui Oil Company was incorporated in 1981, and our offices in Hawaii have slowly grown from one location on Maui, to providing petroleum products and fuel services to Lanai in 1986 as Lanai Oil Company, Hawaii Island in 2009 as Big Island Energy Company, Kauai and Molokai in 2013, and Oahu in 2018 as GP Energy Company.


Gill McBarnet designed our company logo to represent what inspires the McBarnet family, and by extension our family of companies, to provide fuel and lubricants to our island ohana every day. With several aspects in mind she created a detailed crest with a story behind it:

  • The Waves: Those of us that live and work in Hawaii are surrounded by the ocean. The waves pictured on the crest represent the McBarnet family’s love and respect for the water that surrounds our islands and gives us life.
  • The Ae‘o (Hawaiian Stilt bird): For our founder, Alex McBarnet, flight was lifelong passion. From his days as a pilot in the Royal Air Force during World War II, to his time as a private pilot on Maui, he held a deep love for soaring with the birds. The ae‘o, or Hawaiian stilt, is a frequent visitor of the Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary adjacent to our company’s home office, and the majestic silhouette of the bird in flight seemed an appropriate image to represent the company.
  • The Three Stars: There is always room to grow and improve, and the three stars remind us to be passionate about life and our personal aspirations, to reach for the stars in all that we do.


Terry (Left) and Alec McBarnett (Right) pause for a photo in front of a Maui Oil Company delivery truck.

Here’s a note from co-owner and CEO Alec McBarnet:

“Maui Oil Company, Akana Petroleum (Big Island Energy), and Garlow Petroleum (GP Energy) all started with different owners at the same time. Lanai Oil started in 1984, and although only 37 years old, they will join us in celebrating our 40th anniversary!

Thank you to everyone that has joined us to serve the community over the last 39 years and moves us through our 40th year. Much Aloha to all and thank you for being such a special group of individuals and families.”

Mahalo nui loa for reading about Maui Oil Company’s story and our logo. We look forward to serving you with care and respect for another 40 years! Aloha!


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