How to Clean Your Windshield with a Squeegee

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Aloha Maui! We’ve all been in that familiar situation, where you don’t have enough time for a car wash, but your car’s windows are in need of a wipedown. If you’ve ever tried to wash your windows with the gas station squeegee, you’ll know there’s usually several annoying streaks left over. These streaks are usually the result of excess water pushing up over the uppermost part of the blade. Just follow these steps and you’ll know how to get streak-free, professional looking windshield in no time flat. It’s easy to do in just a few minutes.

Tip: Try to clean your windshield in the shade. If the hot sun is shining directly on your car, the liquid will evaporate in no time, and make your attempt at cleaning the windshield a mess.


Photo by Julie B

Step 1: Clean the Wipers

Your first step is to pull up the windshield wipers to clean, this also gets them out of your way once you’re cleaning the glass. It’s best to do this step first in order to avoid dirt and debris falling on your freshly washed windshield. Use a wet paper towel or cloth to wipe them down and pull off any leaves or insects that may have gotten caught. Be careful not to damage the blade of the wiper, or you might have to replace them. Then again, now is the perfect time to put in new ones if your current set has worn out. Remember to leave the wipers up for the next step…


Photo by Julie B

Step 2: Wipe the Glass

Most gas stations have a squeegee and water bucket near the fuel pumps, sometimes attached to the rubbish bin, or in a separate container. At Maui Oil Company, you can find one on each of our main fuel pump islands. Dip the sponge into the water until it’s saturated. Avoid scraping the bottom of the bucket in case any dirt has settled. Apply the liquid and sponge liberally to the windshield. If you’re worried you can’t finish the task before the liquid has evaporated, or you can’t reach across the entire windshield, work in sections. I prefer to divide the task into two halves. Once you’ve wet the glass and picked up the dirt, it’s time for the best part.


Photo by Julie B

Step 3: Squeegee Off the Water

Take the blade side of the squeegee, and starting at the top of the windshield, wipe horizontally, pulling towards yourself. Here’s the secret to avoiding streaks: Overlap each swipe of the blade by a couple inches, and wipe the blade dry with a paper towel after each pass. This prevents water from flowing over the sides of your blade and creating streaks, allows you to avoid time-consuming arch swipes, and helps if you have to work in sections. Continue this process until you’ve reached the bottom of the windshield, then repeat for the other half if necessary.


Photo by Julie B

That’s it, You’re Done!

Gently put the windshield wipers back down, replace the squeegee in the bucket, throw away the paper towel in the nearest trash can, and you’re ready to hit the road again. If you find yourself in Kahului and are looking for the closest place to wash your windshield and fill up on cheap, quality gas, think about visiting Maui Oil Company, where membership is always free. I hope this blog helped you have a cleaner windshield! Aloha, a hui hou!


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