What is Ethanol?

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Maui Oil now features Ethanol-Free Gasoline you can fill up with at the pump, but what is it and how does it affect your fuel?

Almost all gas stations feature ethanol in their fuel, and offer ethanol-free versions. In this post I’ll explain to you what ethanol is and give you the information to help you decide if you should go with or without.


What is it?

Ethanol is a plant-based fuel that was introduced as part of the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard, in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases in the environment. Mostly it comes from corn, but can be fermented from many different starch crops, or even sugar cane. It makes up ten percent of normal gasoline, this variety is also known as E10. As a renewable resource it is non-toxic, reduces air pollution, and even dissolves in water.


How does it affect my gas?

In normal circumstances, E10 runs perfectly fine. However, if the fuel sits unused for a while, ethanol can absorb water from humidity and cause performance issues. For this reason, ethanol-free gasoline is popular with boat owners, as well as in circumstances you may need to keep fuel in a container for long period of time, such as a fuel can for your lawnmower.

Maui Oil gas station offers three varieties of E10 (Regular, Midgrade, and Supreme) along with Ethanol-Free gasoline, as well as On-Road and Off-Road Diesel. We also feature other petroleum products such as industrial and vehicle lubricant. Stop in and fill up, and if you ever have a question for us, feel free to ask, we are happy to help!


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