How to Prevent Spills at the Gas Station

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Safety at the gas station is an important concern, and one aspect of this is exercising caution when fueling up your car. In this blog I’ll give you a few simple tips on how to safely pump fuel.


Stay with the Pump

Time-saving measures are often the root cause for fuel spills at the station. When pumping gas be sure to give your full attention to prevent any accidents.

Don’t prop the fuel lever open with your gas cap. A common method to save time, while it lets you step away to work on other tasks such as cleaning the windshield, this method relies entirely upon the sensor in the fuel spout to turn off the flow of gasoline. No piece of machinery is perfect 100% of the time, and especially in old models, this sensor can fail, and fuel can spill in large amounts while you’re occupied with another task. Always give your full attention to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Legal Gas Cans Need Extra Attention

Due to the small amount of fuel they hold, legal fuel containers need extra attention when being filled. Spills can happen much faster with a legal fuel can since they can only hold a small amount of liquid compared to a vehicle’s tank. Make sure to watch them carefully to avoid over-filling.

Another accident commonly attributed to the small size of the legal gas container is the compulsion to hold the fuel nozzle vertically, with the spout pointing downwards, when filling up. Holding the nozzle vertically prevents the fill sensor from functioning and can cause a spill due to over-filling. Be sure to hold the fuel nozzle “normally,” as you would when filling a car, horizontally, to ensure the sensor is functioning.


Don’t Let Kids Pump Gas

It might be cute to let your keiki pump fuel, but it’s too dangerous for youngsters. If there is a spill, splashes from the fuel can send hazardous gasoline flying, and young children are especially at risk since their eye-level is much closer to the fuel tank than an adult’s.


What to do if there is a Spill

If there’s a small spill, Maui Oil Company provides absorbent material for soaking up gasoline beside the pump station. Customers can feel free to use this in case of a small spill. If you’re not sure, or if there’s a large spill, come inside our office to let an employee know, or if it takes place after hours, call 911. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you have any questions, drop us a line on our contact page! Thanks for reading and helping us make a safer station for everyone!


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