How to be Safe at the Fuel Pump

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A lot of dangers at the fuel pump are associated with liquid gasoline, but did you know the greater danger lies in the gasoline’s vapor? Believe it or not, the flash point, which is the temperature at which something ignites, for gasoline vapor is much lower than the flash point for the liquid.


Vapor and Static Electricity

Liquid fuel is normally well contained, going straight from the fuel nozzle to your gas tank. Vapor that emits when pumping gas for your car is contained by a seal on the fuel nozzle, but not all stations have this, and vapor can still be released into the air. The presence of vapor in the air is when a risk is created, and this is the reason that static electricity is a concern at the pump. Static electricity can be generated when exiting your car, as well as from malfunctioning electronic devices, which is why you frequently see a “No Cell Phone Use” sign at fuel stations.


Better Safe Than Sorry

Station mangers err on the side of caution, and want you to be safe, so when pumping fuel it’s advisable to avoid smoking and using electronics. You can also ground yourself and discharge any built up static electricity by touching a metal piece of your car before using the fuel pump. Mahalo for reading, and stay safe!


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