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What is Maui Oil Company?

Located in Kahului is Maui Oil, a locally owned, family-run fuel station, specializing in petroleum products, that both individuals and companies can gas up at. Ten minutes from Wailuku, you can find it right off Hana Highway, next to Maui Express Car Wash. The fuel pumps need a membership card to use, and it’s free to sign up! Maui Oil also provides services to businesses, including fuel delivery and petroleum products such as industrial and vehicle lubricants.


There’s a Car Wash?

Yes! Maui Oil and Maui Express Car Wash share a parking lot. If you need both gas and a wash, you can buy a wash at the pump, and get 10 cents off per gallon on gasoline! The wash features a Good, Better, and Best wash, and gift cards are available.


Why Membership?

We offer membership to help you get one of the lowest fuel prices on the island! There are no monthly fees associated with membership, it’s completely free. Instead of paying at the pump, you receive a monthly bill, and if you sign up for paperless billing, you can get 2 free washes, or a $24 fuel credit applied to your next bill.


How do I sign up?

You can fill out an application online, here. Or you can stop in during office hours, Monday thru Friday, from 7:00am – 4:30pm. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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