How to Save Money on Gas with Prepaid Cards

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A great way to manage money is to use the Maui Oil prepaid fuel cards.
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Introducing Prepaid Cards!

Now you can take advantage of cheap prices on gas at Maui Oil Company without a membership! Visitors and locals alike can visit our Kahului station’s office to ask for a prepaid card, and load any dollar amount they like on it, no startup or hidden fees. You don’t need a membership to sign up! When you want to buy gas, lubricants, or pay your bill, stop in during office hours and our staff will run your prepaid card for you.


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Your Money is Safe

If you lose your card, no worries! When you sign up, our team will set up a security check to link your email or phone number to your card, that way you’ll never lose your balance. Our security measures also help prevent unauthorized use of your card.


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If you’re here on a visit or on a budget, the prepaid card can make things more convenient and easy to watch spending. There’s no need to sign up for an account or wait for a credit check, and no concerns about going over your spending limit when fueling up on gas for your car. You can add additional funds at any time. Prepaid cards make a great gift!


For more information please visit our Prepaid Cards info page.¬† If you’d like to learn more in person, stop by during office hours at our location in Kahului,¬†Monday through Friday, 7am-4:30pm. Mahalo for reading, and aloha!


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